Mandate & Vision


To increase throughout Canada and the world, interest in and a critical understanding of the Cold War, by preserving the Diefenbunker as a national historic site, and operating a Cold War Museum.


By showcasing/championing Canada’s preparedness to secure the seat of government during the Cold War, the Diefenbunker creates this country’s most unique learning environment for present and future generations to better understand one of the most critical times in the world’s history.


The shared values of the Diefenbunker are the fundamental foundation for all that it preserves, collects, presents and interprets.

We value:

  • Our status as a national historic site
  • The fact that history happened here
  • Ensuring the preservation and conservation of the artefact, for history and for public safety
  • Our relevance to the community of Carp and beyond
  • Helping various communities understand an important part of Canada’s recent history
  • Learning from the interaction of the past, the present and into the future
  • Providing opportunities to contribute and collaborate with our communities
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