The Diefenbunker Museum is located at 3929 Carp Road, Ottawa, Ontario and is on unceded and unsurrendered Indigenous land.

We at the Diefenbunker are committed to accommodating your needs to the best of our abilities. We acknowledge that there are pre-existing barriers within our building such as ledges, lips, and stairs that may make it difficult to access some rooms. Please read details below on existing barriers and accommodations in place.

We welcome inquiry, feedback, and resources regarding accessibility and accessibility improvement by email at or by phone at 613-839-0007.


The elevator is available for use by people with limited mobility, with the assistance of a staff member. A stair lift is now available to access all storeys.
Our elevator is not available for strollers. The best way to get around underground is with a baby carrier.

A wheelchair is available for use upon request.


Freight elevator exterior

Freight elevator interior

Service Animals

Certified service animals trained to carry out tasks for persons with disabilities are allowed into the museum accompanied by their designated handler. Emotional support, companion, or therapy animals are not permitted.

Animals pose additional risks to the integrity of our museum and national historic site and its artifacts within.

Physical Barriers

400 Level – Main Level
400 Level Map

Entrance – The entrance to the museum consists of three (3) ground barriers at each doorway. These barriers are one (1) inch in height and labelled with yellow and red tape.

Welcome Desk – The Welcome Desk is location on a raised platform with the edge of the desk at the edge of the platform. The desk is about four (4) feet in height.

Decontamination Showers – The decontamination showers consist of four (4) raised barriers that reach one (1) foot in height. These barriers are labelled with yellow and black tape.

Exit – The exit from the museum consists of one (1) barrier. This barrier is one (1) inch in height.



Welcome Desk

Decontamination Showers


300 Level
300 Level Map

Federal Warning Centre – The Federal Warning Centre consists of raised, theatre-style seating that requires going up stairs. This has a large floor area and everything can be seen from the floor level.

Ottawa Semi-Automatic Exchange (OSAX) – The entrance/exit to OSAX consists of a ramp leading up to a one (1) inch floor barrier that is labelled with yellow and red tape. The exit/entrance from OSAX requires going down 3 steps.

CBC Studio – The entrance to the CBC Studio consists of a one (1) inch ground barrier. The CBC Studio sits at a higher height than the hallway floor.

Federal Warning Centre

OSAX (entrance/exit)


OSAX (entrance/exit)

CBC Studio

200 Level
200 Level Map

CANEX – The entrance to CANEX consists of a one (1) inch ground barrier that is labelled with yellow and black tape.



100 Level – Bottom Level
100 Level Map

Food Storage/Morgue – The entrance into the Food Storage/Morgue requires going down three (3) steps and going through a door. The other side of the door has a one (1) foot high ground barrier that is labelled with yellow and black tape.




400 Level – Main (Top) Floor
There are three public washrooms available on the 400 Level. One washroom is fully accessible and includes an adult change table. The other two are gender-neutral, single-user washrooms (not fully accessible).

300 Level
There is one public washroom available on the 300 Level. This is a single-user washroom (not fully accessible).

200 Level
There are two public washrooms available on the 200 Level. One is a large men’s washroom with multiple stalls and urinals (not fully accessible). The other is a large women’s washroom with multiple stalls (not fully accessible).

100 Level
There are no washrooms on the 100 Level.

All other washrooms that exist in the facility are no longer suitable for public use.

Accessible Washroom (400 level)

Accessible Washroom (400 level)


Single-User Washroom (300 level)

Men’s Washroom      (200 level)

Women’s Washroom (200 level)

Transportation & Parking

Please note that the Diefenbunker is not accessible by bus.

The Diefenbunker has on-site parking that is completely free. There is accessible parking to the left of the front doors, and overflow parking just before the library.

Accessible Parking



Language Barriers

All Diefenbunker staff can speak and write fluently in English. Individual staff who speak French are available.

We offer free Audio Guides which are available in eight different languages:

  • English/Anglais
  • French/Français
  • German/Allemande/Deutsche
  • Mandarin/Mandarin/中文
  • Arabic/Arabe/عربى
  • Inuktitut/Inuktitut/ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ
  • Russian/Russe/русский
  • Spanish/Espagnol/Español

If you have additional questions about how we can accommodate you on your visit, please contact our team by email at or by phone at 613-839-0007.

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