You can explore the Diefenbunker from the comfort of your own home through the virtual tours below. Consider listening to our new Audio Guide as you navigate through the four storeys of the bunker.

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Virtual Tours

Take a walk through history and explore the Diefenbunker from any device, even with VR goggles if you have them!

When you’re in the tour, hover over or click on the red circles to learn more about the rooms. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you can click the floor plan icon to zoom out to view the entire level, and click the floor selection to quickly navigate between levels.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation through the Resilient Communities Fund.

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Inside the Machine Room

Did you know?

  • The bunker ran on hydroelectric power during its years of operation, much like it is today.  In the event of a lockdown situation it was important that the bunker continued to be powered.
  • The machine room would have had 4 diesel generators to power the bunker if necessary. Only two of the four generators would have been required to keep the bunker powered in an outage. The first generator to come online was designed to provide power to communications only while the second was to provide power to the rest of the bunker.

Please note that due to the working nature of our Machine Room, the space is closed to visitors. You can enjoy the virtual tours to get a safe look inside!

Click on the image below to learn more about machine room. The walkthrough includes an interview with one of the employees who worked in the machine room, and several videos explaining how the equipment functions.

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