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Voices from the past: Oral histories of the Cold War

Heritage to a nation is what memory is to a person.” – Richard Alway

Between 1962 and 1994, thousands of Canadian military personnel, public servants, and contractors came through the Diefenbunker for postings, exercises, and routine duties, making sure the site was not only functioning efficiently as a military communications facility, but was also ready — should the need arise — to serve as a survival shelter for the nation’s government.

Listen to oral histories from these former personnel to discover what it was like to work and live at the Diefenbunker.

Preserving the past, one voice at a time.

We are continuing to collect oral histories from former personnel or others with a connection to the Diefenbunker site in an effort to preserve this important history. We would love to hear from you!

Wayne Byrne

Control/Machine Room Operator

1958 – 1961; 1967 – 1983

Terry Currie



Garry Dowd

Corporal; Message Centre

1963 – 1970

Murray Fyfe

Contract Telephone Engineer


Mike Green

Teletype Technician

1968 – 1972

Gina Gushue

Reservist; Teletype Operator


Liisa DeNoble

Secretary for Commanding Officer

1971 – 1973

Brenda Langman

Private; Switchboard Operator, Federal Communication Centre; Teletype Operator, Message Centre, OSAX

1984 – 1989

Michael DeNoble

Corporal; Facility Control Centre Operator

1970 – 1975

Wayne Marshall

Switchboard Operator

1962; 1965 – 1966; 1977 – 1980

Dave McBride

Teletype and Cipher Technician

1963 – 1970; 1978 – 1982

Spook Mills

Communications Technician; Teletype Technician

1962 – 1969

Dave Peters

Civilian Employee, Emergency Preparedness College; Director, Emergency Operations Coordination; Director, General Operations

1983 – 1990; 1990 – 1992

John Publicover

Cook; Kitchen Staff

1966 – 1976

Janet Puddicombe

Teletype Operator

1981 – 1987

Pierre Remillard

Building Operations: Construction and Maintenance

1960 – 1995

Bill Renaud

Federal Communication Centre Supervisor; Station Warrant Officer; Emergency Preparedness Canada Emergency Government Facilities Technical Officer

1973 – 1977; 1980 – 1984; 1986 – closing of the bunker

Don Roper

Telephone Technician; Sergeant in Technical Station; Master Warrant Officer

1965 – 1970; 1976 – 1978; 1984 – 1986

Helen Rosseau

Radio Technician

1979 – 1985

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