Looking for a unique place to host your event? The Diefenbunker has rental spaces that can accommodate groups of up to 150 people for meetings, catered dinners and evening receptions. Let us host your event 75’ underground!

Take Inspiration from the Diefenbunker
Get your project done on time and on budget, just like the Diefenbunker! This unique 100,000 square foot venue can accommodate events with up to 150 people. The Diefenbunker works with local businesses to provide full catering and meeting planning services.

Meetings and Rentals

  • Choose from the Senior Officer’s Dining Room, the War Cabinet Room, the Alumni and Allard Galleries (suitable for groups of up to 20), The Bank of Canada Vault (up to 60 people sitting) or the Cafeteria (up to 120 sitting)
  • Full catering services, coffee and tea can all be arranged


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    Please contact, fill out the rental form below, or call 613‑839‑0007 x266.