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Current Job Opportunities

Museum Guide

The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum occasionally has employment opportunities open to the public. Positions can range from guides and project coordinators, to marketing or development postings. If you enjoy history, working with enthusiastic people, and live in the Ottawa area, perhaps you’d like to join our team of volunteers at the Diefenbunker.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Gift Shop Volunteer

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist in the following areas:

Special events and fundraising
Museum tour guides, both public and educational tours
Display/exhibit design and construction
Operations and facility maintenance
Archive and library
Diefenbunker Volunteer Application

Zombie Volunteers

The Undead are Needed!

Are you a leader among the undead? Do you have what it takes to lead a mindless horde? Are you the best brain-eater, a super-shuffler, or the greatest groaner? The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum is looking for Lead Zombies and the Mindless Hoard of Zombies for this year’s Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure, presented in partnership with The Haunted Walk of Ottawa.

Zombie Positions

Lead Zombies
In helping bring this immersive experience to “life”, Lead Zombies co-ordinate zombies in certain sections of the Diefenbunker, contribute and provide feedback to improve the experience for all guests and problem solve as needed. If you have ever created your own haunted house or done the Zombie Walk in the past, this opportunity is for you!

Mindless Horde of Zombies
Mindless Horde zombies should possess a love of zombies and the enjoyment of terrifying others.

Human Sacrifices
Because zombies need someone to eat.

Zombies 14 and under must be accompanied by an undead guardian. 

How to apply to be a Zombie!

If you think you have what it takes to be a zombie, send an email to our Zombie Recruitment Team at

Ready to sign up now? You can register with your availability here through Sign Up Genius.

High school students: Volunteer hours count towards your community service hours.

Join our Zombie Facebook Group for all the latest updates to the undead recruiting campaign.


For more information

Please contact or call 613‑839‑0007.

Volunteer Docent Positions

The Diefenbunker is seeking history enthusiasts of all ages for the position of Volunteer Docent. The Volunteer Docent will learn the history of the museum and interact with museum visitors during operational hours. Do you love to talk to people? Do you want to meet new people? Would you like to be a part of the museum team? The Diefenbunker is Canada’s most important Cold War site, and one of the most unique museums in Canada. Spend your time underground with us, and enjoy a chance to meet visitors from around the world!

We’re looking for Volunteer Docents during our operating hours, 11am to 4pm, 7 days a week.

This opportunity is perfect for high school students, retirees, New Canadians, and anyone who loves museums.

Volunteer Docents must be available for at least 6 hours a week on a consistent basis.

For more information

Please contact or call 613‑839‑0007.

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