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Escape the Diefenbunker

The Diefenbunker and Ottawa’s premier escape room company, Escape Manor, have partnered to bring you the world’s largest escape room: Escape the Diefenbunker!

This multi-award-winning experience runs Thursday and Friday evenings and all day on weekends. Choose from two experiences one takes place over an entire floor (that’s 25,000 square feet) of this massive underground bunker.

Use logic and teamwork to find clues, solve puzzles, and make it out before the clock counts down.

Will YOU Escape?

BONUS: On the same day as your Escape the Diefenbunker experience, receive free general admission to the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum! Show your Escape booking confirmation to museum staff when you arrive, and you can explore for free during the museum’s operational hours. Not valid for Guided Tours.


Covert Ops (Original Mission)

You and your friends are on the final guided tour of the day, when you all sneak away from the group in hopes of spending a night at the museum. While exploring the depths of the bunker, you overhear some people talking behind closed doors – it is an enemy spy organization plotting an imminent nuclear attack!

You are the last and only line of defence. You must find the communications room, stop the launch sequence and alert the outside world before it is too late.

Will you rise to the challenge and thwart their plans?

Maximum 12 people, 60 minutes
Thursday through Sunday evenings only



Welcome to Level 100, the Diefenbunker’s deepest depths, where you are completely shut off from other visitors. From above comes the faint sound of a bomb siren. A radioactive event has triggered at ground level and your lives are now in the hands of a supercomputer known as D.E.B.R.A.

But as your guide slaps a medical ID tag on you and ushers you to the Intake Quarters, you begin to wonder whether your luck is about to run out . . .

Will you make it out of the bunker?

Maximum 12 people, 60 minutes
Thursday and Friday evenings and all day on weekends 

Escape games are suitable for all ages (those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

Consult Escape Manor’s FAQ for additional information.

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