Our team is ever growing, and we’re so pleased to have welcomed Leo and Skylar to the underground family in June. Both have joined our museum guide team and will be giving tours all summer long! Below is a little about them and their first month underground:
“I am passionate about the Cold War era and am super enthusiastic to be part of the Bunker team.  My previous work experience includes the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the City of Ottawa Archives, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, and the Goulbourn Museum.  Needless to say, I have done everything in museum work from writing policy to managing a collection to developing accessible tours for the public.
A perpetual student, I am nearly done my studies in Applied Museum Studies and in Office Administration at Algonquin College and am starting a Masters Degree in Archives and Records Management from the University of Dundee.  When not busy with these, I enjoy practicing my viola, finding plot holes in my favourite television series, and researching to support my endless amount of new ideas.
As a natural storyteller and born performer, I am told I am well suited to help interpret the history of the Diefenbunker and look forward to meeting everyone who will come and visit while I am working here.”
“Hello! My name is Skylar (or Sky for short). I began my journey at the Diefenbunker earlier this month, and I will be working as a part time tour guide for the museum. I am currently in training, but I am close to being finished and I can’t wait to officially start! My first few weeks at the Bunker have been amazing, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful team! A little fact about myself; I was born and raised in French (and English) therefore I’m completely bilingual. If you need any help with speaking/learning French I would be happy to help!!”
Welcome Leo and Skylar! We’re so excited to have you as part of the Diefenbunker team! Stay tuned for more updates on what our awesome group of frontline staff are up to this summer.


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