IMG_7397Last week was National Volunteer Week and we’ve decided to implement a new segment here on the blog: Volunteer of the Month! The Bunker more than 100 people who volunteer throughout the course of the year. These people help keep the lights on and this place running!
Our first ever Volunteer of the Month for March is Hunter!
Hunter is currently an engineering student at Carleton University. He volunteers at the Bunker an average of 10-15 hours a week and does everything from changing light bulbs to working on long-term projects. He’s been volunteering here for about a year. He is an incredibly dedicated and passionate volunteer who is always willing to sacrifice his time to help us out! As many of you know we recently unveiled our brand-new Museum Shop, a project we had been keeping quiet and building up for months! This project could not have been completed without the help of Hunter. He spent countless hours painting, sanding, re-flooring, moving furniture and assisting with this massive project.

Hunter assisted in re-flooring and trim work on “Black Platform”, our check-in desk!

Hunter does a number of things at the Bunker. He is best known for wandering off when there is nothing to do and changing out light bulbs in areas that seem too dark. The staff are constantly walking into different areas and literally seeing them in a new light. He truly brightens up a room.
On behalf of all the staff here at the Bunker we want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to our hard-working volunteer. Thank you, Hunter, you make a difference!


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