The first week of Spy Camp 2019 was a blast!

Our Spies-in-Training sharpened their espionage skills. This included:

  • mastering obstacle courses
  • learning Morse Code
  • becoming skilled at how to properly disguise yourself when on a mission, and
  • they even constructed a cardboard model robot hand!

All their sleuthing culminated with the successful capture and consequent trial of the rogue Agent X.
We’d love to train your aspiring spies this summer! Visit our website to learn about the different themes (next week is Making and Breaking Codes!) and availability:

Spies-in-training enter through the Blast Door at the Diefenbunker         Campers getting their first look at the bunker.
Spies-in-training sit on the floor in the Cafeteria smiling while wearing fox and lion masks.         On the hunt for the first suspect, Agent Giant.
Spies-in-training capture Agent Giant in the Cafeteria         The capture of Agent Giant.
Spies-in-training and the counsellors in the middle of the capture of Agent Giant          Camp Counsellors Cloak and Fire.
Spies-in-training sit in the CANNEX while one girl dressed in a rabbit costume sits in the centre holding a teddy bear.         Agents Bear and Agent Nickles being questioned.
Wanted poster that details the search for Agent X with the reward being "satisfaction of being right."         Wanted poster, Agent Bear was deemed too sleepy to be a suspect.
Spies-in-training put Agent X on trial         The trial of Agent X.

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