All across Ottawa today, schools are closed for a snow day!! That means kids are home and probably wondering what to do… Well we have a few ideas!
Just like the schools, the Diefenbunker is closed today too due to the snow! With our whisky tasting event tomorrow, our staff members are hard at work, at home crafting!! That’s right, you heard me, CRAFTING! What else is there to do on a snowy day?
Since many of you are home with kids today, we thought we’d post a few fun, at home activities for you and your kids to try out!

Wrapped Leather Secret Code Bracelet 

Wrapped leather secret code bracelet
Create a bracelet that says it all! This webpage will help you create a bracelet that has a secret message written in Morris code! Makes for a great gift to share with friends and family.

Spy Decoder

Spy decoder
Decode the message with this spy decoder! Create secret messages and leave them around the house for the kids to decode!

Printable Spy Armband

printable spy armbands
Help your little one become a spy with this ‘high tech’ spy armband. This free printable from lets your child become whatever spy they wants to be!

Invisible Ink

How to make invisible ink: a step-by-step guide.
The ultimate secret message! Strengthen your spy skills with the ability to write secret messages only you can read!

For more craft ideas, check out our Pinterest boards!


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