Classified: Top Secret
Agent ‘X’:
Status Report: Egg Hunt Training to Commence
Reports around the Bunker confirm that Peter Cottontail codename “Easter Bunny” will be entering the Bunker on March 31, 2018. Reports confirm that he will be hiding special eggs which spies-in-training will be required to hunt.
I understand that codename Easter Bunny will be attaching the special camouflaged eggs to parts of the Bunker, so hunters will not be able to remove them but will be required to solve clues to locate these eggs and use their special checklist to find them all! Once the new recruits have tested their powers of observation their checklist will be turned into command and they will be awarded a treat bag with nut-free goodies.
I will be present during the training exercise to observe the new recruits and will report back on their level of skill.
Further reports to follow. 

Can you find them all

Agent ‘H’
Are you up to the challenge of hunting the Easter Bunny’s hidden eggs at the Diefenbunker? Check out the Eventbright link below to reserve your spot and get all the details on this fantastic event!


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