It’s March 14 which can only mean one thing- it’s Pi Day! In honour of this most nerdy of holidays we here at the Bunker got to thinking about what you can buy for $3.14. All though some of the things we found are pretty cool, what is cooler than an underground bunker? Did you know that donating $3.14 to the Diefenbunker as a non-profit museum we can actually turn your donation into about $19.72 worth of value? As a non-profit charitable museum we rely on support from our visitors and friends to keep our museum up and running and even a small donation of $3.14 can do some pretty wonderful things! So please consider helping us celebrate March 14 (3/14) aka PiDay by making a donation in support of the Diefenbunker-Canada’s Cold War Museum!

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Rubber duck

$3.00 Rubber Duckie

Mike and Ike and Milk Duds candy

Something Sweet

Mini winter candy apple scented candle

Mini Candle

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