Looking for something fun to do? Here’s what’s going at the bunker this weekend!



“A spy has stolen the computer codes that detect a nuclear blast in Canada from the Diefenbunker. We need your help to find the double agent! The lives of Canadians everywhere are counting on you!”

IMG_6944Using our Winterlude Scavenger Hunt booklet you will search through the museum, solve the clues, and help us find the secret double agent! With 7 activities included, the hunt for the double agent will take you all over the museum. Solve clues that will give away eye colour, hair colour, height, favourite animal and other incriminating characteristics that will help you identify the double agent.

Colouring Contest

colouring page
Calling all young artists! The bunker is having a colouring contest and we want to see your colouring skills! Colour and create your own winter scene on our premade colour page! Contest runs from February 1—18 with the winner announced February 22!
IMG_6940Contest Rules:

  1. Submissions will be accepted February 1-18
  2. Pictures can be submitted at the Museum or emailed to t.goldsmith@diefenbunker.ca
  3. Ages 12 and under are eligible to win
  4. Ages above 12 can submit to be featured on our socials
  5. Be creative and have fun!

GRAND PRIZE: 1 Year Family Membership to the Museum

Snowflake Scavenger Hunt

A blizzard has blown it’s way into the bunker! Can you find all the snowflakes? There are around 100 snowflakes throughout the 4 levels of the bunker. Some are hidden in plain sight, some are harder find. Be careful now, you might just end up finding a room you’ve never seen before!51604573_1453793814757154_2333554052308140032_n
This scavenger hunt can be done during a guided tour or simply on your own! Want to just wander through at your own pace and find them? Go for it!

Valentine’s for Veterans

We would likie to invite you and your family to join us in making handmade Valentines for the brave men and women who served our country. We’ve partnered with The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre to create these tokens of affection for its residents.
IMG_6931Our goal this year is to make 100 valentines to give to our veterans! We are currently at 75. Bring your kids, friends, and family and help us make a veteran’s day special by showing them how much we care! Let’s show them our love with heartfelt messages of gratitude.
The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre is a not-for-profit centre for healthy living primarily focused on the needs of seniors, providing quality care, with a unique responsibility to provide for veterans and seniors in the community.

*Don’t have time to make a valentine at the museum this weekend but still want to participate? Bring in your homemade valentines before Wednesday February 13th and we’ll make sure they get to a veteran!*



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