Wednesday, July 6, 2022 — 

FedDev Ontario Announcement - July 6, 2022We are grateful to FedDev Ontario for investing $600,000 in the Diefenbunker to support tourism relief and revitalization. These funds will go towards upgrading our facilities and exhibitions, allowing us to expand our inclusion of underrepresented narratives and to provide new accessible and immersive visitor offerings.

With $412,500 through the Tourism Relief Fund, we will upgrade a permanent exhibition space to increase diversity of perspectives and interactivity, develop a new exhibition that highlights the Indigenous experience during the Cold War, add Algonquin as a language to our Audio Guide, introduce an interpretive trail outside the museum, and offer a virtual reality gamified simulation that recreates an emergency preparedness scenario.

With $187,500 through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund, we will upgrade our decades-old lighting to improve energy efficiency and accessibility for those with low vision or visual impairments.

Thank you to MP Jenna Sudds for sharing the announcement, and to the federal government for the investment in our post-pandemic growth and recovery. We look forward to engaging and inspiring our audiences to learn from our past and envision a more peaceful future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our new offerings!


Funded by Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, Canada

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.


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Learn more about the projects included in this funding:

Two new permanent exhibitions

Ojibwe as a new language in our Audio Guide

Virtual reality experience of an emergency preparedness scenario

Green Infrastructure Lighting Retrofit Project



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