The Diefenbunker team is pleased to announce the appointment of Christine McGuire as our new Executive Director for the museum.
Christine has more than 13 years of experience in the museum and heritage sector here in Ottawa. Throughout her career, Christine has brought her creativity, drive and passion to redefining exhibitions and enhancing audience engagement. She is known for pushing the boundaries of experiential exhibitions rooted in innovation, public engagement and social responsibility, as well as providing leadership to organizations through transformation and growth.
Christine was most recently an Exhibition Planner with Aga Khan Foundation Canada, specializing in project management, exhibition development and audience engagement. Christine is not unfamiliar with the Diefenbunker Museum, having been involved with our museum in 2009 as the organization’s Education and Volunteer Manager. She is thrilled to be back as the new Executive Director.
“I am honoured to be entrusted with the leadership of this dynamic museum. I look forward to working with the talented staff, dedicated board and growing community to create an exciting new chapter for the Diefenbunker Museum.”
Christine holds a Master’s degree in Public History from Carleton University, specializing in public memory and immigration history.  I encourage you to welcome her and we wish her all the best with her new position.
~The Diefenbunker Team

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