There is never a shortage of interesting stories at the Diefenbunker! This month, we are featuring two artifacts together. Especially since they fit perfectly with Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2019 and it is the kick-off of the giving season. It is a world-wide day of supporting charities and causes that we care about. The Diefenbunker is a charitable museum and was “born” helping another cause.

Did you know that a group of dedicated volunteers started the Diefenbunker Museum? In fact, it all began with a fundraiser for the local Carp Public Library!

In 1995, this screwdriver (yes a screwdriver!) reopened the Diefenbunker’s blast doors for the first time since it was decommissioned in 1994. Once the doors were open, the volunteers led visitors through the building wearing these T-shirts. These tours brought thousands of people to the site and helped raise much needed funds for the library. The screwdriver and volunteer shirt have a direct connection to the idea of turning the Diefenbunker into the museum that it is today.

text with screwdriver explainging how it was used to open the Bunker   I'll guide you through history text on tshirt and screwdriver

I'll Guide you Through History, blue tshirt and rusted screw driver 18" long

Thank you to all of our supporters over the past 20+ years.

If you’d like to support the museum, please visit our page to learn more.

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