The Diefenbunker Museum always has exciting things going on underground, but this past Thursday we shook things up and had a little fun above ground!
For many years now a large artifact has remained off property in a farmer’s field. This large artifact is a 1500 pound antenna tuning hut. The antennas on top of the bunker tune at a certain frequency. The hut had special hardware that kept the radio frequency at an effective range to keep communications open in case of emergency.
1500 pound antenna tuning hut
At 10:40am all staff members witnessing the event were above ground and running through a safety check. The -15 degree winds may have been cold but they were just right for air transport.
At about 11am everyone heard the sounds of propellers and search the sky. A small helicopter circled the museum before dipping down behind it and picking up the hut.
1500 pound antenna tuning hut being airlifted via helicopter over the bunker hillside.
The entire event took no more than 5 minutes. By the end, the hut was safely on the ground and ready for a little TLC from our conservator.
1500 pound antenna tuning hut on the Diefenbunker's Helipad with staff posing in front of it with snow surrounding them.
Thank you to Heli-Transport Inc for moving it safely!

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