Picture this: it’s 1960, you’re 19 years old and you’ve just been appointed as Canada’s youngest radar technician and you’re now on your way to spend the next three years in the freezing cold Artic Circle. Sounds like a pretty exciting adventure, right? Well, have we got a story for you!
Join us at the Bunker on Thursday April 12, 2018 at 7:00pm to hear the real-life adventures of Bunker volunteer, Brian Jeffrey, as he shares his experience working on the Distant Early Warning Radar Line (DEWLine) in the Artic. From polar bear hunting, off-the clock hi-jinks, and dealing with bogies, Brian saw it all and he wants to share it with you! 
Hear history come alive for one evening only, right here at the Diefenbunker. Don’t miss “Adventures from the Coldest Part of the Cold War”! Tickets are only $6.00 and can be purchased through the Eventbrite link

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