This week we introduced a new member to our team: Teigan!
She’s our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator! Here’s a few words about her first week.
“My first week has been really inspiring! Everyone has been warm and welcoming and I’m feeling right at home underground. During my first week, I was sent on a couple of tours to get to know this massive facility and its intriguing history.
On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to catch the last Machine Room tour of the summer! The tour, ironically enough, started outside, on top of the Bunker with a beautiful view of the surrounding fields. The top of the Bunker features tall radio towers and tall green pipes that functioned as air filtration systems for the Bunker in case of nuclear attack.
Overview of the landscape from the top of the bunker.
Once we re-entered the Bunker I was taken down in the old elevator which is still operational and used. The Machine Room is located on the bottom floor of the Bunker known as the 100 level.
The Machine Room hasn’t changed too much over the years. It still features the old pipes and machines, but with new and updated versions close by, ensuring the facility runs smoothly. Complete with original lockers, escape hatches, and old breaker panels reminiscent of Jurassic Park (seriously! I was waiting for a dinosaur to pop out from the shadows) . This tour is a must see when we offer it again next year!! Thank you to Sean for giving me a personal tour behind-the-scenes!”

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