On November 26, 2022, we launched our new virtual reality experience!

The Diefenbunker's Curator, Sean Campbell, trying out our new virtual reality experience for the first time.The year is 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis is over, but the Soviets have launched a nuclear attack on Canada’s capital. You have made it to the end of a 30-day lockdown period and have been given the all-clear to emerge from the bunker to assess the situation. 

What will the world above, which has been poisoned with radiation, look like? Does anything still remain? 

The Diefenbunker, in conjunction with Asylum Entertainment, created this virtual reality simulation to allow visitors the chance to experience the bunker for its intended purpose — to safeguard the Canadian government and allow them to operate underground for 30 days to assist with rebuilding the country after a nuclear attack.

Can you successfully operate the bunker’s escape hatch and take the first step towards society’s post-disaster recovery?

Immerse yourself in this post-nuclear attack world on your next visit!


This virtual reality experience is entirely hypothetical, modelled around real events of the Cold War. 


Funded by Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, Canada

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

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