On August 31, 2022, we opened our new Blast Tunnel experience!

This three-minute projected experience is a thought-provoking video that will prepare you for your tour of the Diefenbunker. Through audio and visual effects, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the Cold War upon entering through the Diefenbunker’s iconic Blast Tunnel. This experience is intended to highlight the geopolitical impact of the time period and it surrounds the creation of Canada’s most significant Cold War artifact. This experience also sets the scene for further stories that await you within the museum’s walls.

Blast Tunnel experience projected onto the floor of the Blast Tunnel.The video commences with a speech from John Diefenbaker where he addresses the threats of nuclear war, and it continues by showcasing a nuclear bomb being dropped over our city. Growing from the city centre, the nuclear fallout radiates outward toward the city limits. This video experience demonstrates the reason behind the Diefenbunker’s existence as well as its purposeful location in the Village of Carp, just outside the city.

Our Blast Tunnel experience is both visually and audibly enticing and, coupled with the chill of the underground, it is truly immersive.

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We acknowledge the generous financial support of Ottawa Tourism in bringing this experience to life.


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