World’s Largest Escape Room

The Diefenbunker and Ottawa’s premier escape room company, Escape Manor, have partnered to bring you the world’s largest escape room, Escape the Diefenbunker! This multi award winning experience runs Friday through Sunday evenings and takes place over an entire floor (that’s 25,000 square feet) of this massive underground bunker.


“You are on the final guided tour of the day, when you and your friends duck into a room and hide so that you can spend a night at the museum. You soon discover that it is not a museum at all. It is actually a cover for an enemy spy organization. You overhear some people talking behind closed doors of an imminent attack scheduled for tonight!

You must escape!

But first, you must find the communications room, stop the launch sequence and phone-in the Red Alert transmission to the outside world before it is too late!

Please book on Escape Manor’s website.
12 people, 60 minutes.
Do you have what it takes to save the world?”

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