Corinne has been volunteering with us since May 2018, so it only seems fitting that we feature her as May’s volunteer of the month!

Corinne comes into the Bunker once a week (at least!) and assists our Business Development team with graphics, marketing, events, and so much more. Her amazing graphics and marketing knowledge make her an invaluable member of the team. Many of the advertising materials and social media content that you all see day-to-day are created behind-the-scenes with her help.
i was told there would be lasers
Corinne is also the mom of some amazing pets, one of which is the Bunker’s own Bunker Cat Basil. Basil frequently comes in with her to help our team with errm…. work. He loves to tour around the building and has even been used for advertising purposes. He’s quite the model too! Check him out on his Instagram account @basil.goes
Thank you, Corinne, for all you do! Your time and dedication are so appreciated! We don’t know what we’d do without you.

The Diefenbunker Museum is a not-for-profit charity and relies on the support and dedication of its 100+ volunteers!
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Designed by Corinne

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