IMG_6604Twas’ the night before Grinchmas and all through the bunker,
Not a creature was stirring from their deep nightly slumber.
All the staff had gone home, and all gone to bed,
With visions of tomorrows activities in their heads!

IMG_6614The presents had been wrapped, the stockings were hung,
And carols of joy were ready to be sung,
The hot chocolate was warming, the movie was ready,
The children would be watching snuggled close with their teddies.

IMG_6578That’s right my dear reader, the halls were decked to every last inch,
When who should sneak in but that mean, old, grumpy Grinch.
He looked around the room with a snarl and a sneer,
“Grinchmas is coming, it’s practically here!
They’ve got hot chocolate and movies, and crafts and more,
But I know a way I can even the score”

The Grinch flew out the room, quick as a bat!
With his great grinchy smile and Santy Claus hat,
He declared he’d get even, and last the thing we heard,
“I’ll spy on the bunker, you mark my words!!”

How the Grinch Spied Christmas 
December 15, 16, 22, & 23
Cost: This program is included in the cost of admission
Children 5 and under are free!
Parking is always free!
Age: This program is great for ages 5 – 12.
Kids under 5 may need a little help but will still have fun!
Learn how to be a spy by examining the spy of all Christmas spies, the Grinch! Bring your family for a fun Grinch-themed scavenger hunt all around the Bunker. Put your problem solving skills to the test with Grinchy coding activities and crafts.
Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (1966)”


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