“Now You See Me,…” is a multi-channel video projection that delves into the many forms of camouflage of Nato missile launch pads in the midst civilian populations during the cold war. Most of the time completely hidden from view, at times revealed, these massive installations evoked both, fear and wonder. The site-specific projection interweaves editorial footage and images from the Diefenbunker archive with creative video.

Exhibition dates: Thursday September 20, 2018 – Friday November 30, 2018
Cost: included in the price of general admission

Annette will give an Artist Talk October 18th at 7pm followed by a wine and cheese reception. Optional guided tours of the Museum will be offered at 6pm. Space is limited.

RSVP by email: events@diefenbunker.ca or phone 613-839-0007.

Learn more about Annette Hegel and the Diefenbunker Artist-in-Residence Program here.