Ever played laser tag 75 feet underground, in a decommissioned Bunker?

Now’s your chance! We’ve partnered with FunLight Mobile Laser Tag to bring you Ottawa’s most unique laser tag experience, here at the Bunker.
You’ll be given exclusive game access to the 100 level (normally off-limits) and the 200 level – over 15,000 square feet. Feel the adrenaline rush as you commandeer the depths of the isolated bunker hallways, dramatic black lights, and hidden rooms to find your target and win the game. Hellllo bragging rights!

Will you accept the challenge? Gather your army and book now.

Dates and times:

Wednesday, March 18  – Saturday, March 21
4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm.

Cost: $10 per round – book as many times as you like!

Book now – space is limited to 20 players per game.

Your must-know details

The full experience from start to finish is 30 minutes. This includes time for instructions and time to hide before the game begins. The gameplay is 15 minutes.

Please ensure you arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before your start time. This will give you plenty of time to get checked in, find the Vault, and go over rules.

Please be sure to read the information below so you have the best experience possible:

  1. Wear sensible shoes! Running is part of the game and we want all players to be comfortable in the Bunker.
  2. Laser Tag at the Bunker is not currently fully accessible. There are stairwells included in the layout of the playing field. Please keep this in mind.
  3. A lounge/reception area will be set up in the Bank of Canada Vault, which is cooler in temperature than the rest of the building.
  4. There is no public transportation to the Bunker. There is, however, free parking on-site!
  5. We are very excited to welcome back our partner Funlight Laser Tag for this event. Please check out their website https://funlight.ca/

Laser tag rules at the Diefenbunker


You’re not playing Rugby-tag! Laser Tag is designed to be a non-contact sport. Any contact with an opponent is grounds for removal from the game. Players who touch their opponents will be considered “out” and will leave the game.


Covering a sensor to prevent your tagger from receiving tags is poor sportsmanship and any player who covers their sensor will be considered “out” and will leave the game.


If a tagger fails mid-game that player is considered out. An exception can be made if the malfunction is caused by low batteries. In this case, the player can be considered in a “time out” and their batteries replaced. They can then re-join the game if possible.


If you cheat to win you haven’t won! Sportsmanship is essential to a good laser tag experience. Any lying or cheating should not be tolerated and should result in disqualification of the player who does so. Hiding your sensor (see rule #2), resetting your tagger when you’re out, or any other dubious acts are against the rules! Nobody likes a cheater!


Remember: Laser Tag isn’t currently an Olympic sport; there are no contracts or scholarships on the line. The number one reason to play laser tag is to have fun. Being frustrated or angry is literally against the rules of laser tag. If you feel that way during a laser tag match take a few minutes, grab a refreshment and get your chill on!


Always remember you are playing in a Museum. Please respect the building, its history, and the artifacts inside it. At no time should any player play with the electrical equipment or fire equipment inside the museum, they are real, live, and out of bounds. Interaction with the museum, electrical, or fire equipment in an inappropriate/non-respectful manner will result in the disqualification of the player who does so. Additionally, all play must stay within the defined boundaries.


In the event there is a person who becomes injured during play, all players must stop and help that person.  Staff should also be notified IMMEDIATELY.


Any cancellations must be communicated a minimum of three days (72 hours) in advance of the event. Cancellations that fall within 72 hours to 24 hours in advance of the booking are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations that fall within 24 hours of the booking will not be refunded. Please call the museum at 613-839-0007.

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