The secret is out… the Easter Bunny will hide eggs at the Diefenbunker Museum over Easter weekend! You’re invited to explore the Bunker with a unique twist on your typical Easter Egg Hunt.

In preparation for Easter weekend at the Diefenbunker, the Easter Bunny (AKA Peter Cottontail) came for a visit underground. After taking a tour through 100,000 square foot Bunker turned museum, Mr. Cottontail decided to create a clever family-friendly scavenger hunt using camouflaged eggs. There will be three levels of difficulty to accommodate a variety of ages and abilities to guarantee that everyone in the family will have a blast! At the end of your scavenger hunt, you will receive a prize bag.


Can you figure out where the Easter Bunny has hidden all of the eggs inside the bunker?


The scavenger hunt is part of your general admission costs to the Museum.


Book online to guarantee your admission, as spaces are limited.


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