We recently had the unique opportunity to host a fascinating individual here at the Bunker, Sebastian Major. Sebastian is the creator and host of the podcast Our Fake History. It is produced in Toronto with the help of his wife, Beth Lorimer.

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!

Our Fake History uses a combination of humour, storytelling, and historical detective work to create a podcast that is enjoyable for history buffs and anyone who simply enjoys a good story.
Sebastian spent two days at the Bunker, touring around the facility recording Episode #70 – What are the secrets of the Diefenbunker.  Unlike some of his previous work this podcast was less about debunking historical myth, and more about an artifact (AKA the Bunker) that challenges us to re-think Canada’s Cold War Legacy.
Sebastian also hosted a lecture about Podcasting as the new public history.  He discussed his podcast, how and why he got started, and he was very open about some of the challenges he has faced over time.
1Sebastian recording Episode #70 in the CBC Studio in the Bunker!
3Curatorial Manager Nic Clark explaining a room within the Bunker
6Sebastian during the talk on the evening of July 5th
Untitled design-2Q&A
4Thank you to everyone who came out to support Sebastian!


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