Yellow, blue and red camo easter eggsWe have great news! The Easter Bunny came early to the Bunker!!!

They hid eggs in various different rooms throughout the Bunker. To ensure that everyone at home can play and have a blast, there are 3 levels of difficulty:

  • yellow eggs are easy to find
  • blue eggs are moderate to find
  • red eggs are difficult to find

There are 3 eggs per picture. Can you find them all?

Please note: this game is best played on a tablet or smart phone, where you can really zoom in on all parts of the photos. Otherwise, we recommend downloading the photo to your computer so you can zoom right in. 

Also be sure to scroll to the very end for another little surprise!


Medical Centre

Where we could perform every medical procedure except heart surgery and brain surgery! 

War Cabinet Room

This is where the highest-ranking government officials would have convened in the event of a lock-down. 

Departmental Offices

There would have been several offices staffed in the event a nuclear war. Including: Agriculture, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Supply & Services, Environment Canada, Solicitor General, Communications, Transportation, Emergency Preparedness, Health & Welfare, Defense, Fisheries & Oceans, External Affairs, Post Office, Public Works, and Revenue Canada.  

OSAX (Ottawa Semi-Automatic Exchange)

This was one of the most highly secured areas in the bunker. For the last several years of operation, this room was inhabited by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). The room was so secret that even the station commander, who was the highest-ranking military official, was forbidden access.

EMGOVSITCEN (Emergency Government Situation Centre)

Personnel from Emergency Preparedness Canada would be assessing the damage and needs of civil infrastructure and civilian population after a nuclear attack in Canada. 

While searching for your eggs, can you see the original status board in the background of the first picture?  Here’s what happened to those other bunkers:

  • CEGHQ Carp: This is the Diefenbunker! Where you are ‘virtually’ right now.
  • REGHQ Nanaimo BC: Closed. Now has a highway running over it.
  • REGHQ Shiloh AB: Destroyed
  • REGHQ Penhold MB: Destroyed summer 2002, also once purchased by the Hell’s Angels.
  • REGHQ Borden ON: Destroyed in 2004.
  • REGHQ Valcartier QC: Currently used by the military as a storage/training area.
  • REGHQ Debert NB: Privately owned and recently opened as an attraction.

Prime Minister’s Suite

While rather simple in appearance, the Prime Minister’s Suite was actually one of the most luxurious accommodations in the bunker. This suite included four rooms: the secretary’s office, the Prime Minister’s office, his bedroom, and his washroom.

The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria operated 24 hours a day for 30 of the 32 years the station was operational, and 18 hours a day for the last 2 years.


Canada’s military store, CANEX, can still be found on Canadian military bases today. CANEX was a place where personnel could buy snacks, toiletries, magazines, and even cigarettes.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzle

If you completed the Easter Egg Hunt, then we’d love for you to play our digital jigsaw puzzle too! Enjoy!

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