Cold War History

2022 Cold War Speaker Series: Canada, the Cold War, and the Korean War

FIVE: Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site

Written by Guest Blogger: Brett Leigh DicksIt might be the slowest elevator in North Dakota, but as you inch down below the North Dakota prairie, the destination is certainly worth the drawn-out ride.When the concertinaed gate retracts you are delivered into a...

Minute 12

FOUR: Mt. Rushmore and the greatness of hope

Written by Guest Blogger: Brett Leigh DicksStanding on the observation patio and staring out at Mt. Rushmore solicits an array of emotions. My grandfather’s family first came to North America in 1607. My...

Mt Rush 101

Who needs Vesper, when you have Moores?

Bond: I already have a dinner jacket.Vesper: There are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you to look like a man who belongs at that table.Bond: How... it's tailored?Vesper: I sized you up the moment we met... We’re...

Diefenbunker Casino Night Fundraiser

TWO: Wendover Airfield – Home of the Enola Gay

Written by Guest Blogger: Brett Leigh DicksEstablished in 1940, the Wendover Army Air Field was a United States Army bombing and gunnery range located in northwest Utah.When the United States entered World War II in 1941 the airfield took on a much greater...

Wendover 07

Prologue: Destination Ottawa (via Tucson and Calexico)

Written by Guest Blogger: Brett Leigh DicksIt’s done – 62 matted and framed photographic prints have been packed into the back of a rented Dodge Grand Caravan for the twelve-day, 4.600 km trek to Ottawa, Canada. On August 2 an exhibition of my photographs...

Photograph by Brett Leigh Dicks, taken at the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona.
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