The Blast Tunnel was designed to divert the force of an explosion away from the main part of the bunker. In the event of a nuclear explosion, anything inside of the tunnel would have been destroyed.

Building the Blast Tunnel

Laying the concrete floor

The finished Blast Tunnel

Some interesting facts:

  • There is only one main entrance to the building, and there was concern that a major explosion could block, damage, or otherwise disable it. While there were contingencies for that possibility, it was to be avoided as much as possible.
  • The tunnel is 387 feet long (approximately 150 meters).
  • Regardless of the temperature outside, it is always cool inside the Blast Tunnel.

Today, you can roam worry-free into the Blast Tunnel. Take a look at some of the creative ways it has been used over the years, including major films, weddings, and even… Bunker cats.

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