June of 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of VE3CWM, the amateur radio station operating out of the Diefenbunker.

Radio Room Equipment

Since 2002, dedicated volunteers have been making voice and Morse code contacts with other radio operators around the world from underground in the Diefenbunker. In 2021 alone, VE3CWM radio operators made 895 connections in 48 countries!


Join us in celebrating this special anniversary.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada has approved the use of special call sign VE3CWM20 for the month of June.

You can find our volunteer radio operators in the Radio Room on your next visit to the Diefenbunker! They are happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge about the fascinating world of radio communications.



Our volunteer Mark wrote a special article that was published in the May–June 2022 issue of The Canadian Amateur, Canada’s premiere national magazine devoted to Amateur Radio.


The Canadian Amateur - May2022 - VE3CWM 20th Anniversary Article
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