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The Diefenbunker was built to survive a nuclear attack from mere kilometres away. It would have housed key members of the government and military for up to 30 days if the worst happened. A concrete example of Canada’s will to survive, it is a marvel of engineering, and Canada’s most significant surviving Cold War site.

Every detail of this 100,000 square foot underground facility was carefully designed, including its truly remarkable toilets. That’s right – its toilets. The Diefenbunker’s historic toilets are mounted on a one-inch thick, hard rubber pads and have flexible connections to the main system so they can’t break or disconnect in case of an explosion (insert potty humour here). In the words of our Facility Manager, Lizz Thrasher: “There are no toilets like our toilets.”

While our toilets give the Bunker character (they are among our character-defining element as a National Historic Site, after all), they could really use a bit of a boost to maximize their potential. If you’ve been to the Museum (and we hope you have!), you’ll have no doubt noticed the many OUT OF ORDER signs that grace our stall doors. And stalls that are actually open welcome visitors with a kind reminder to hold that flush for a count of 10!

There’s no way around it, our system is pooped, which is where you come in.

We need your support so that we can make the much-needed improvements to our pressure distribution systems in order to keep our toilets in working order. While our team of volunteers and staff does what it can to keep on top of all that needs fixing, some things are just too big for us to undertake on our own. Your contribution will help us bring in the professionals, and ensure that once work is completed, your next visit to the Diefenbunker is even better.

To make a donation, please visit our THIS PLACE MATTERS campaign page.

We want EVERYONE to enjoy using our bathrooms again.

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