Whisky Tasting Fundraiser, eh! | Saturday November 18, 7pm

Whisky, eh? For our 6th annual Whisky Tasting Fundraiser, we’re celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!!! Join us for a multi-sensory experience, with 5 different CANADIAN whiskies with 5 epicurean food pairings. Canada is home to some exquisite whiskies that you will want to add to your reserve! Geoffrey J Skeggs, master […] Read more »

Treasures from the Diefenbunker | January to December 2017

In addition to its year round calendar of exhibitions, the Diefenbunker is launching a new series of monthly features in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. These features will highlight archival documents and artifacts from the Diefenbunker collection that shed light on life in Canada, and underground at CFC Carp during […] Read more »